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About Us

Nature Connection is a government authorized trekking and tour company in Nepal. We offer the best-valued trip service to our customers. Our business vision is guided by two main objectives of offering qualitative and sustainable tourism services to our clients as well as generating employment for Nepalese youths. We are committed to providing the best services which will give you a once in a lifetime journey and share with you interesting facts not only about the Himalayas, but also about the Nepali culture, history and religion.
Our products are designed by the experienced guides, who have known the regions well for decades and our operational principle is based on creating win-win to everyone involved, which includes, the local communities, environment, guides, nation and the company.
Though we are new in the industry, we have acknowledged every strength and weakness of all phases while operating a tour or trek across Nepal, India, Bhutan, Tibet and some other countries. We are not new in the industry but we are new to owning a company. We know that both are total different sides of a coin but we boast in our knowledge that we very well know both sides of the coin.
Traveling with us is truly an opportunity for travelers as well as us because we dream big and while dreaming big we know we have to cater the best. So, allow us to challenge operating a big holiday for you and we assure we will overcome every challenge to offer you a holiday of a lifetime.