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We are a government authorized trekking and tour company in Nepal. We offer the best-valued trip service to our customers. The varieties of services include trekking, hiking, climbing, cultural activities, travel and tours and other adventure activities. We are destined to provide world-class service in the most competitive price. We offer our services to Nepal, India, Tibet, Bhutan and some other countries. We also operate tailor-made trekking itinerary as per our customers’ requirement and budget. We offer both a private trip and group joining a trip to make our service criteria broad. Our management is led by a team of young, energetic and experienced professionals who believe in quality services. Our business vision is guided by two main objectives of offering qualitative and sustainable tourism services to our clients as well as generating employment for Nepalese youths. We are committed to providing the best services which will give you a once in a lifetime journey and share with you interesting facts not only about the Himalayas but also about the Nepali culture, history and religion.

Nature Connection promotes and focuses on the ethical tourism that means spending money on services and goods that support local people, environment and the local economy. It involves putting some time aside to talk with local people and learn about their lives and interests. Equally, it involves talking with local people and sharing information about your own life and interests. So, the travelers and the local person with whom they are engaging, both have equal amounts of valuable knowledge to contribute to each other. Through this honest and sincere cultural transaction, both parties will benefit. We value and focus for a positive and beneficial experience for travelers and hosts alike in order to act as a force for mutual understanding, empathy and respect.