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Jenny Sharma

Managing Director

Jenny was born in a rural village in Nepal. Women in her village had little opportunity to pursue education and outside employment, and most had a heavy load of family responsibilities. Fortunately, her parents encouraged her to achieve a good education and branch out into the world.   Jenny's passion for working with the vulnerable women and children of Nepal led her to the field of development and gender.  She spent 10 years with national and international organizations, where she is promoting women's and children's rights and gender equality. She has worked from the grassroots to the national level leading advocacy, research and community mobilization programs for women’s rights in Nepal. She also worked with few international organizations, where she traveled as a national representative and worked in Nepal as a community development professional. She also worked with child victims of human trafficking, helping them to recover from trauma and reuniting them with their families.  Working with people from around the world has provided Jenny with a multicultural perspective and a range of practical and leadership skills. She holds MPhil degree in sociology from Tribhuvan University. She equally involves in ethical and responsible tourism activities in Nepal. Currently, she started a new business in tourism to offer experiences to enjoy real Nepal. Nature Connection Treks and Tours is operated by a group of young, energetic and experienced youths with the aim of promoting ethical and responsible tourism. Having served in the field of tours, it led us to conceive the idea of establishing treks and tour company. We realized that the aim of establishing such treks and tours company is not only to offer its dedicated service to the tourists, trekkers and adventure seekers but also to generate employment for the educated unemployed youths.

Leela Jennings

Marketing Director and USA Representative


Samyog Dhungana

Sales and Operations Manager, Australia


Prahlad Bajgain

Trekking Guide